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Zion Restoration International

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This past November, we visited Zion Restoration International, an orphanage ran out of the home of a preacher and his wife. The Christian couple started taking in children as the situation in Cameroon's Northwest region intensified due to the Anglophone Crisis. While they are faced with many challenges having to clothe, feed, and pay for 18 children of various ages school pension, they believe they are doing the lord's work. As the wife confided in us, she could not conceive a child of her own prior to taking in displaced children.

Despite the couple's efforts to hold things together, what stood out to us was how harsh these children's conditions are. For intense, there were not enough beds for all them so some have to sleep on the very floor of the room where they welcomed us, as the flooring inside of the home is unfinished. We were told of constant back and forth with the landlord pertaining to how many children the couple is fostering. While we left there a bit more grateful for our blessing, we could not help but to feel for these kids who through no doing of their own, were not as fortunate.

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